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For a green future in nepal


Our mission is to accelerate the transition and growth of a new green economic paradigm in Nepal to achieve goals of sustainable development.

Sustainable Nepal was established on the occasion of World Environment Day - June 5, 2012. This organization aims to foster ecological, economical and social sustainable development of Nepal though projects that combines knowledge and action, both on national and international levels, to help create conditions for a sustainable future.

The organization’s main goal is to promote environmental, economical and social sustainable development in Nepal. Our specific goals are to :

  • Raise awareness of environmental problems and sustainable development in general in Nepal.
  • Communicate and reinforce individual's sense of the ability to influence and change towards sustainable development.
  • Research on the environmental, social and economic problems and their possible solutions.
  • Development and application of digital tools that facilitate and inspire communication and dissemination of information between different stakeholders.


Organizations / individuals who share a common vision are welcome to collaborate and start projects together with us. Here are few of our current projects.
Forest Himalaya

Forest Himalaya aims to improve environmental conditions in the Himalayas by promoting reforestation and uplifting the livelihoods of the people through ecological practices.

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Sustainable Map

Sustainable Map is a dynamic map that allows users to add their point location to the global map to showcase their sustainable examples and learn from other projects.

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Fly Green

You have an option to make your flying eco-friendly. Plant the number of trees that would compensate the carbon footprints you created during your flight.

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Green Living

Here you can find tips for adopting more sustainable and healthy lifestyle - Simple change in our everyday lives can help in slowing climate change!

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Sustainable Exchange

Learning exchange programs related to sustainability are organized to experience and learn sustainable practices in different culture and with international perspectives.

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Research Nepal

Sustainable Nepal focuses on the priorities of Nepalese people living in Nepal and rest of the world and help build a collective vision to plan development agendas to make Nepal a better place to live in.

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Earthquake 2015

An interactive crowd-sourced earthquake-mapping tool to report information related to earthquake in Nepal.

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Eco - Municipality 5.0

Initiating and implementing the concept of eco-municipalities in Nepal to encourage development towards a more sustainable society.

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E – Learning

Sustainable Nepal offers short online seminars/courses on topics related to sustainable development.

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Make a difference in your community and the world.


If you are interested in helping Nepal in some way and volunteering in Sustainable Nepal, please send us your application letter and your CV.

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If you are interested in an exchange program in schools between Nepal and abroad, we can help you with contacts and prepare a complete program for you.

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If you are a teacher in a school and are interested in finding out more about the exchange program, contact us for more information.

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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
- Albert Einstein


We are a handful of people working towards a sustainable Nepal.

Sardu Bajracharya

Founder / Director

Johan Lahti

Geographic IT Developer

Torbjörn Lahti


Sahaj Bajracharya

Web Application Developer

Srijan Tamrakar

Graphic Designer

Surina Gurung

Exchange Program Coordinator, Nepal

Pratap Rai

Communications Coordinator

Friederike Arndt



Sustainable Nepal serves as umbrella organization for all other organizations working on sustainable development in Nepal. It focuses on connecting, supporting, strengthening the work of organizations with similar visions and bringing people together to collaborate because together we are stronger - together we can create a 'Sustainable Nepal'.


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